Brandon and Allie's secret elopement on the Colorado River

Y'all, I love this family with my whole heart. When I walked in their little airbnb I was greeted with the biggest smiles and man, what a way to start a work day, right? If you haven't been following me very long you wouldn't know this, but I've actually known Brandon and Ezra (and Ezra's mom Jennifer) since December 2017! In fact, they were my second clients EVER here in Austin!

Brandon and Allie are another couple that had to rethink their 2020 wedding due to covid. Their original plans were to have a traditional celebration on the beach, but instead they opted to cancel the whole thing and elope in secret at a rental on the Colorado River. The fact that only Jennifer, me, and a handful of other vendors knew was extremely romantic.

On the back patio they had already set up some market lights and decor, which included a jar full of faux flowers from Allie's mother's wedding. Brandon and Ezra wore matching bow ties and suspenders (those had "groom" and "best man" engraved on them), and Allie even made her own bouquet! It was evident that every single detail was chosen with intention.

When Allie walked out and across the lawn for their ceremony Brandon looked so smitten. Ezra kept calling her a princess and saying how pretty she looked; it was too sweet.

Allie's vows were in the form of one of those "reasons I love you" books. She chose to have them printed that way because she had done the same for their first Valentine's Day together. She mentioned comparing the two, and noted how their relationship had grown since then. She went on to say that she couldn't wait to see what kind of things she'll want to write five years from now, ten years, and so on. For his vows, Brandon chose to say what he was feeling in the moment, adding even more romance to an already perfect day.

After they exchanged rings, Brandon and Allie presented Ezra with a bracelet with the engraving "Family. Faith. Huey." on it. Witnessing two people become one is always emotional, but watching these three become a family was something else entirely. Getting to be a part of days like this is a privilege I treasure.

As I was leaving, Ezra came to the front door, unprompted, to tell me goodbye one last time and thank me for taking their photos..I immediately started crying.

Brandon, Allie - congratulations! I'm truly so happy for you both! And for Ezra!! I'm looking forward to working with you again whenever you need me. It's an honor being the official Huey Family Photographer ;-)

Brandon's kind words:

"I’ve been working with Shayla since my son, Ezra, was born. She’s done multiple shoots for us, but most recently she shot my wife and I’s elopement. Let me just say that if you’re looking for a photographer, the search stops here. She’s professional, responsive, inquisitive, and passionate about her work. Her photography style is candid and beautiful. Do yourself a favor.. Book her! 😏"

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Brandon and Allie's ceremony was led by a wonderful officiant named Katrina Baecht. She was kind and genuine, and I appreciate that she values authenticity and storytelling just as much as I do! If you need an officiant, reach out to her and see if she's available for your date! She will craft a beautiful, moving ceremony that is true to your relationship, and then deliver it flawlessly. I seriously cannot recommend her enough.

You can check out Katrina's website here.

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