B + J | Free spirited and emotional elopement at Chapel Dulcinea

two brides hugging at chapel dulcinea

Do you remember when our eyes met for the first time? That sigh of relief, that feeling of safety, that thought of "there she is, I'm home at last"

Jalina and Brittany's wedding took place on January 2nd, 2020. It was an overcast afternoon in the hill country at the lovely Chapel Dulcinea. The two of them arrived separately, with me helping coordinate where they parked so they could head straight for the bridal suites and avoid seeing each other. You could feel the anticipation building as they added their finishing touches.

When they began their vows, the sun finally broke through the clouds and warmed up the chapel in the most beautiful way. It was truly just for them. At the time, I had only known Brittany and Jalina for about a week, yet tears were rolling down my face throughout their entire ceremony.

"I promise to always treat you and Luca with absolute respect, love, and compassion. And I promise to take care of Luca and help him grow, as if he is my very own, into the young man I know he is already becoming. (...) I promise to remind, with action and sometimes scattered words, every single day, that you are the love of all my lifetimes and that this life is by far my favorite now that I have found you again." - Jalina

"I vow to choose love and happiness over being right. I vow to communicate honestly, authentically, and openly with you. I vow to show you my vulnerability when I'm afraid or angry. I vow to play with you, celebrate you, and laugh with you, to create a paradise within our home and a safe space for you to land. (...) I vow to allow you to change, shift, and grow rather than holding onto a stagnant version of you in my mind. (...) The path ahead is ours to create, baby." - Brittany

Being witness to such a deep, pure connection like theirs is something I will never take for granted. The love and support these two had, both for each other and from their guests, was unparalleled. I have never felt such a sense of belonging while standing among a group of strangers.

Instead of simply walking back down the aisle, these newlyweds danced around to 'If I Ever Needed Someone' by Van Morrison. It was magic. After some portraits, they met their guests at the nearby pavilion for kombucha and Topo Chico before stealing away to their Airbnb for the evening.

Brittany and Jalina may have pulled some things together last minute, but nothing was done without intention. Their day was unique, emotional, and inspiring- it was completely theirs.

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