First Dance Song Inspiration

Our first wedding anniversary is tomorrow!! Naturally, I'm feeling very emotional and romantic, so I decided to put together a list of first dance song ideas. None of these were our song, but I still love all of them so much. Especially number fourteen. And actually! Number twelve was what Anthony originally wanted ours to be but his brother used it first haha. I'm glad ours is what it is though; it's lovely and suits us well.

Even though most first dances are just for the newlyweds, I've seen some where family and friends have joined in too! Some of these would be a ton of fun to play if you're opening up the dance floor to everyone. Others are timeless but not often used, and some are a little more sultry. Enjoy!

01. Bill Withers • Lovely Day

then I look at you / and the world's alright with me

just one look at you / and I know it's gonna be / a lovely day

02. Leon Bridges • Coming Home

the world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, girl

you're the only one that I want

I wanna be around / I wanna be around you girl

03. Otis Redding • Come to Me

come to me for I'm lonely, darling

come to me and be my girl

for I love, love you so

04. Brittany Howard • Stay High

I already feel like doing it again, honey / cause once you know, then you know

and you don't wanna go / back to wherever it is that you come from, yeah

05. Talking Heads • This Must Be The Place

I guess that this must be the place / I can't tell one from another did I find you, or you find me? / there was a time / before we were born if someone asks, this is where I'll be, where I'll be

06. Steelings • Stop Time

I know / I know, I know it's not in my head

while I'm tracing the outlines / it feels like the first time

07. Florence and the Machine • Stand By Me (Cover)

Everyone knows this song, but have you heard this absolutely ethereal version?

08. A-ha • Take On Me (MTV Unplugged Version)

slowly learning that life is okay / say after me / It's no better to be safe than sorry

09. Kehlani • Honey

all the pretty girls in the world / but I'm in this space with you

colored out the lines / I came to find / my fire was fate with you

my heartache would stay with you / escape with you

10. Kacey Musgraves • Butterflies

kiss full of color / makes me wonder where you've always been

I was hiding in doubt 'til you brought me out of my chrysalis

and I came out new / all because of you

11. Brandi Carlile • I Belong To You

I know I could be spending a little too much time with you

but time and too much don't belong together like we do

if I had all my yesterdays I'd give 'em to you too

12. Peter Gabriel • The Book of Love

but I, I love it when you read to me / and you, you can read me anything

13. The Mountain Goats • Riches and Wonders

you felt shelter somewhere in me / I find great comfort in you

and I keep you safe from harm / you hold me in your arms

and I want to go home / but I am home

14. Hozier • Better Love

there's no better love, that's laid beside me

there's no better love, that justifies me

there's no better love, so darling feel better love

15. Halsey • Sucker (Cover)

This is actually a Jonas Brothers song, and if you like it you may be hesitant to listen to a cover, but hear me out. Press play, and imagine holding your lover close and swaying to this sultry, jazzy version together. My GOD. That's it. I'm asking Anthony to dance with me when he gets home.

16. Local Natives • Cards & Quarters

steal away / you and me / to a cave made of sheets

Don't be afraid to choose a song because it's different, or because you don't think it's slow enough to dance to. Just pick one that the two of you love. Wondering what our song was? Ask me when you book!